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Bombers Wrestling

2/23-2/24 Supers!
112-Tim Sampsell-Quarters
140-Rick Essom-Quarters
145-Steve Cragg-Conce. Semis.
160-Pat Van Thof-Quarters
171-Jeremy Frohm-Semis.
130-Shane Sallerson-Did not Wrestle(Injury)

2/19-2/20 JV Counties
119-Josh Pescini-3rd

2/16-2/17 Sectionals
Team-2nd of 19 Teams
112-Tim Sampsell-2nd-4X Super Qualifier
130-Shane Sallerson-2nd-Super Qualifier
140-Rick Essom-1st-2X Class C Champ-2X Super Qualifier
145-Steve Cragg-3rd-2X Super Qualifier
160-Pat Van Thof-1st-Super Qualifier
171-Jeremy Frohm-1st-Super Qualifier

2/10/01 East-West Day
All-League Wrestlers
Tim Sampsell-2nd Team
Steve Loughlin-1st Team
Shane Sallerson-1st Team
Josh Couture-2nd Team
Rick Essom-2nd Team
Pat Van Thof-1st Team
Jeremy Frohm-1st Team
2x Coach of the Year-Coach Bovenzi

2/3/01-Greece Olympia JV Tournament
96-Pat O'Lena-6th
103-Thien Le-3rd
119-Josh Pescini-1st
125-Kris Romero-6th
152-Mike Wegman-1st

1/26-1/27 Monroe County Championships
112-Tim Sampsell-4th
119-Steve Loughlin-4th
125-Greg Mousso-6th
130-Shane Sallerson-2nd
140-Rick Essom-3rd
145-Steve Cragg-5th
160-Pat Van Thof-3rd
171-Jeremy Frohm-5th

1/13/01 Fulton JV Tournament
130-Justin Hart-2nd

1/5-1/6 Niagara Officials Tourney @ NCCC
3rd Place out of 31 teams
112-Tim Sampsell-5th
119-Steve Loughlin-5th
130-Shane Sallerson-1st
135-Josh Couture-6th
140-Rick Essom-2nd
145-Steve Cragg-6th
160-Pat Van Thof-4th
171-Jeremy Frohm-5th

12/28-12/29 Genesee Valley Tournament
96-Van Le-4th Class C
103-Thien Le-2nd Class C
112-Tim Sampsell-3rd Class C
119-Steve Loughlin-2nd Class C
125-Greg Mousso-4th Class C
130-Shane Sallerson-2nd Class C/4th Overall
140-Rick Essom-3rd Class C
145-Steve Cragg-2nd Class C
152-Mike Wegman-4th Class C
160-Pat Van Thof-1st Class C/4th Overall
171-Jeremy Frohm-2nd Class C/4th Overall

12/23/00-JV's @ Penfield Tournament
96-Van Le 2nd
96-Pat O'lena 3rd
103-Thien Le 1st
119-Josh Pescini 1st
135-Justin Hart 1st
145-Tom Fagan 1st
152-Mike Wegman 3rd
160-Dan Bruse 3rd

12/16/00 JV's @ Rush-Henrietta Tournament
96 Pat O'lena 3rd
145 Tom Fagan 3rd
160 Nick Weiner 3rd
275 John Perotti 2nd

12/2/00 Byron-Bergen Tour. 3rd Place
112-Tim Sampsell-1st
130-Shane Sallerson-1st
140-Rick Essom-1st
152-Steve Cragg-4th
160-Pat Van Thof-1st
171-Jeremy Frohm-1st
JV's @ Churchville Chili
5th Place
96-Pat O'lena-3rd
130-Greg Mousso-1st
145-Tom Fagan-3rd
160-Nick Weiner-1st

12/9/00 Fredonia Duals
Bombers take 2nd
ER 47 Southwestern 30
ER 46 Jamestown 21
ER 61 Lakeshore 21
ER 51 Fredonia 24
ER 30 Holley 51
Bomber Record 5-1 (1-0)